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06/01/2020 | Weekly workshop

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Weekly workshops at Yoga Bharata With Pratik Rajani & Myra Khanna from 6th January 2020. Invest this New Year in your good health and well-being.


Pratik Rajani came to Indea Yoga first in 2016 after completing a three month teacher training course from Yoga Institute, Mumbai. He did his level 1 and 2 teacher training courses in Ashtanga under Bharath Sir and went onto spending 6 months practicing under his guidance. Pratik then went back to Mumbai and began teaching there. What initially started as a group of 2-3 students, under Pratik, grew into a large family of practitioners, all who began to share the same love and appreciation for yoga that Pratik did. One and a half years of committed teaching made Pratik realize how much he had begun to enjoy sharing the discipline of yoga with others, but it also made him realize how much more there was left to learn; such is the practice of Yoga. 

He has spent most of 2018 at Indea Yoga expanding his understanding of the practice, exploring new meanings of the aspects of yoga – not only to improve his teaching skills but also to get a more in-depth understanding of his own strengths and weaknesses. 


Myra Khanna born and brought up in New Delhi, got introduced to yoga through the Mysore Style classes offered at Indea Yoga, in July 2018. She initially spent 3 months in Mysore, under Bharat Sir and returned back to the Andaman Islands where she had been working as a scuba diving instructor for 3 years already. As yoga began to play a bigger role in her life and she starting noticing the positive impact the practice was having on her she felt the need to return to Mysore and commit to being a student and gathering more knowledge on this practice. She received her level 1 (200hours) certificate in July 2018 and level 2 (300 hours) certificate in July 2019. July, 2019 was also the month she quit her job in the Andamans and has been in Mysore ever since, observing, learning and understanding the practice of yoga. 


Both Pratik and Myra, under Bharath Sir are learning to approach their practice in a manner that involves no force, no push or pull and no competition. This harmony and synchronicity with the body and breath that they are trying to inculcate in their own practice is what they want to integrate into their teaching.


The efficient and smooth working of a machine comes down to it’s tiniest nut and bolt and the synchronicity with which each part works. Similarly, the effortless functioning of our body doesn’t only come down to each muscle and joint, but most importantly how they are coordinating with the mind and breath. Setting goals for oneself within the practice is crucial but one must not neglect having a strong and stable base to begin with. 


Different bodies find comfort in different asanas, not everybody is meant to move or feel the same as the other. One needs to understand this in order to carry out a peaceful and beneficial practice. 


Pratik and Myra’s purpose is to introduce people to the practice of yoga by emphasizing on the importance of all three aspects - body, breath and mind. Through Bharath Sir’s carefully designed beginner and preparatory series they aim at making yoga accessible to all irrespective of their age and physical limitations. 

The beginner’s series aims at benefiting varied people - complete beginners looking for an introduction to the practice, those suffering from physical pain/ailments, general stiffness, individuals dealing with stress or inflammation.

5 simple practices will be picked up and introduced in detail to the student - detailing and understanding of the mobility and functioning of each joint in the body. These can later be practiced by the student anytime or multiple times in the day and can also be incorporated into daily yoga practice regardless of advancement.  


Once the body begins to move smoothly and the breath is coordinated, the practitioner can begin learning the preparatory series. This lays the foundation for increasing flexibility, improving strength, mobility and stability as each asana is held for a duration of 45-60 seconds. All five aspects of asana practice are touched upon in this series i.e. balancing, forward and backward bending, twisting and inversions. The students will be taught to pay attention to grounding and alignment, this ultimately makes the asana feel effortless and the body feel lighter. 


Through these 5 day workshops Pratik and Myra aim at giving the students a glimpse of what a holistic yoga practice could be so that the student may take these technique’s back and build a safe self-practice or join regular classes under an experienced teachers.


Start enrolling now!!! Come & join their workshop at Yoga Bharata from 6th January 2020. Contact us on +91 9449836779

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