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♠ Vision statement

Yoga for All.

♠ The Concept

Yoga Bharata[Abhyaasa Yoga Shaala] is a holistic Yoga Center where in yoga classes are designed based on the requirements of the participants.  Our country, Bharath, has a legacy of enormous knowledge on medical science and has been integrated in to its day-to-day life which begins with chanting mantras, various kinds of kriyas to cleanse, ayurvedic food and habits, seasonal celebrations of festivals etc., all designed to ensure a complete happy and efficient life.  It is a technique of integrating human personality at the physical, mental, moral and intellectual levels inturn to achieve perfect balance of life. 


♠ History

Started as ‘Creative Yoga Center’ in 1998 at Bangalore which marked a new beginning in the teaching career of Yogacharya Bharath Shetty, Founder-Director of Yoga Bharata.  He not only taught daily yoga classes in his studio,  his expertise was outsourced by renowned MNC’s in Bangalore like ANZ Information Technology, Oracle etc. to conduct regular classes to their employees in their own premises.  The primary objective of Yoga Bharata is to impart a comprehensive balancing technique of body, mind and soul to everyone willing to take the benefit of Yoga.  In order to expand his mission systematically, he relocated in 2005 to Mysore, a serene, heritage town in South India.  He rechristened his school as ‘Yoga Indea’ and bifurcated into Teachers training Shaala and Regular Yoga lessons under the banners ‘Indea Yoga’ and ‘Yoga Bharata’ respectively.  Now, Indea Yoga and Yoga Bharata are registered Yoga Shaalas which are ranked high with its excellent infrastructure and committed staff, among the top yoga Shaalas in Mysore.



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Yoga Bharata [Abhyaasa Yoga Shala] offers its participants a chance to escape from the heave and buzz of everyday life, where people can leave behind the noise and enjoy the yogic way of life – which is a journey to re-connect with their inner selves through different types of yoga postures and Meditation

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