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Master Yoga Workshop on Inversion and Balancing

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Yoga Baratha

Master Workshop

Date: 13-9-2015


Time: 7a.m.-9a.m.

Venue: Yoga Bharata

No.Attended: 30+


The aim of this Master Workshop was to bring the significance of effortless inhalation/exhalation and reiterating the motto of IndeaYoga- ‘Nā hathath, nā bhalath’ (No force-no pressure) during Vinyasa asana practice.


The points that practitioner of Vinyasa need to be mindful of to achieve effortless breathing were stated during the workshop. The points that need to be kept in mind are as follows:


  1. Presence on one’s pelvic floor and maintaining mild contraction through out the practice,
  2. Not to stress any where else other than pelvic floor,
  3. Observing the changes in breathe while practicing,
  4. Watching the changes occurring on the spinal cord and paying attention to spinal cord, shoulder, limber, thoracic ad back muscles
  5. Being fully aware of the breath during exhalation and being completely aware of natural inhalation and recognize the difference in inhalation and exhalation
  6. Perceiving the changes in the entire body, specifically watch to feel if the body feels lighter after every breath,
  7. Workout with presence



Preparation before start of Vinyasa


Fingers represent the five elements- therefore mindfully communicating with the heat and cold aspects of the elements, followed by Shanti Mantra, and placing right on left arm and bending forward in yoga mudra feeling the rich circulation of pelvic and continuing with stretching asanas on legs-

 Starting  Prayer


The workshop started with


  • Tolasana (special attention to breathing on tip of nose-longer breaths)

Point to be kept in mind is the workout is to gain core strength. Wrists could hurt where performing strong balancing asanas. It is important that one does not indulge in wrist twisting and rounding of shoulder.


The workshop continued with the following poses:

 Participants doing Tiger breathing


Tiger breathing (do not build stress on neck and inhale with head up)







  • Urdhvamuka Shwanasana (feel circulation of blood in head)


  • Adhomukha shvanasana (remember to bring heels inline with toes) While doing standing asanas the entire foot should be engaged to work on the core and the hip should be the rotating joint and not the knee. Both While doing forward bending and mild inversion legs should carry equal weight.

Veeabadrasana A


  • Veerabadrasana (engage the pelvic floor) with Vinyasa Karma
  • Urdhva Hastasana
  • Padhahastasana


  • Uttanansana
  • Dvipada Prasaranasana (chaturanga Dandasana)


  • Urdhvamukhasana
  • Adhomukhasana
  • Ardhachandrasana
  • Dvipada chaturangasana
  • Vrdhvamukhasana
  • Adhomukha (v shape the feet-left foot to left arm and engage the entire body)


  • Utthanasana (stand and scroll on spine and come back)



Practise of asanas that help gain balance aid maintain the weight between the eda and pingala or right and left side of the body.

During balancing the inner pelvic floor should be in a state of contraction and the hip be in square.


Asanas that help Balancing while standing:

 Ardha padma uthanasana

  • Ardha Padmasana Uttanasana (give movement from hip- heel below naval and above genital helps maintain the square)


  • brahmacharyasana
  • Kakasana (feel from the core, look front, rise the heels and breath)

Adhomukha Shvanasana

  • Adhomukhashwanasana

Adhomukha Veerasana

  • Adhomukha veerasana




  • Sirsasana (it is not balancing on head but balancing equally on feet) Here the arm or neck strength is not important but body alignment and breathing that should be given important.
  • Uthasana (here elbow to hip is straight and active)

Adhomukha svanasana

  • adhomukha shwanasana (wrist to hip is active)

Adhomukha Veerasana

  • adhomukha veerasana (wrist to hip is active)
  • Matsya kreedasana (dolphin)(do not use arm strength here and this is also a preparation asana for pinchamayurasana) Keep in mind that the triangle gains importance and should be away from ear.


  • Shashankasana

Adhomukha svanasana

  • adhomukha shwanasana (engage the pelvic floor and bend left knee and left toe)
  • vasistasana (wrist should be in alignment)
  • Malasana Variation (45 degree angling of spine)
  • Drutha Uttkatasana
  • Titibasana, Adho Muka Titibasana.
  • UttitaKurmasana.
  • bakasana (vulture pose) (balancing on gravity)



As the last stage of the workshop, the following asanas were worked on:


1.Kakasana works on strengthening of core (elbow as low as possible)

2.Bakasana helps balancing of arms (if cramps are experienced do) Muktasana- elbow stand- *keeping wrist-elbow-shoulder in line and to further strengthen elbow stand perform b)Pinchamayurasana(can use wall support) and follow with Sirsasana if strong at it). To further strengthen Handstand do and for hand stand practice Adho mukha vrikshasana and mukta Hasta Vraschikasana.


This should reduce the muscle tension and make the body feel light and clearing the thoughts of the mind.




6.Ekapada Sethubandhasana

7.Vipareeta Karani kriya






11.Matsyasana/ Padmasana (helps heel thyroid)

12.Utthanapadasana (hands at 45 degrees as namaskara)


And the workshop ended with



 Savasana in progress


Participants to the workshop understood the nuances of different asanas and gained enough confidence to practice balancing and inversion asanas.


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