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Sheethali Pranayama

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Yoga Baratha

The word "sheetali" means "cooling" in Sanskrit. Sheethal means `that which is calm and soothing`.


Procedure to do Sheethali Pranayama:

  • Sit in any comfortable meditative posture. Close the eyes & relax the whole body.
  • Extend the tongue outside the mouth as far as possible without strain. Roll the sides of the tongue up so that it forms a tube. Practise a long, smooth and controlled inhalation through the rolled tongue.
  • At the end of inhalation, draw the tongue in, close the mouth and exhale through the nose.
  • Practise yogic breathing throughout. The breath should produce a sucking sound.



  • Creates cooling effect in the body.
  • It gives control over hunger & thirst.
  • Relaxes the body & mind.
  • Helps in lowering high blood pressure.



  • People suffering from low blood pressure should practice with the guidance of the teacher.
  • People with respiratory disorders such as asthma, bronchitis & excessive mucus, should not practice.
  • Those suffering from chronic constipation should avoid it.
  • This pranayama should not be practised in cool climates.



Chin Mudra or Gnana mudra.

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