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Yoga during Menstruation

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There are varied view points by different schools of yoga and even medical professionals, whereby some suggest a 2-3 days of break from Yoga practice, while few suggest a practice with some contra-indications and some do suggest no change in regular practice. 


While one should be aware of the contra-indications and the practices, trusted guide will be the body and if in tune with it - one would know if to practice or not and the poses to avoid during this period. A woman is extremely sensitive during this period and it is good to do some physical activity either by a short walk, yoga stretches or a restorative yoga class.


The contra-indications: Inversions reverse the natural downward flow of energy during this period and should be avoided. Asanas with lot of pressure in your abdomen region should also be avoided - extreme backbends like chakrasana. Avoid Kapalabhati and Pranayama with breath retention.


Seated postures on the other hand will be helpful to reduce cramps - Baddhakona Asana, Upavista Kona Asana, Paschimottanasana, Balasana, Supta Baddhakona Asana, Veerasana and Supta Veerasana. 


Sethubandhasana (supported back bend) can be practiced to relieve any lower back pain during this period. Viparita Karani Asana (with wall support) relieves pelvic discomfort and improves circulation. Nadhi shuddhi pranayama (without breath retention) and Brahmari will also have a calming effect on your system.


You could include these yoga postures during your practice for longer durations and also repeat it few times during the day - especially Supta Baddhakon Asana  and Supta Veerasana and feel more energetic.

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