About Yoga Bharata

Yoga Bharata is a holistic Yoga Center where in yoga classes are designed based on the requirements of the participants. Our country, Bharath, has a legacy of enormous knowledge on medical science and has been integrated in to its day-to-day life which begins with chanting mantras, various kinds of kriyas to cleanse, ayurvedic food and habits, seasonal celebrations of festivals etc., all designed to ensure a complete happy and efficient life. It is a technique of integrating human personality at the physical, mental, moral and intellectual levels inturn to achieve perfect balance of life.

Arogya, Abhyasa, Ananda

Started as ‘Creative Yoga Center’ in 1998 at Bangalore which marked a new beginning in the teaching career of Yogacharya Bharath Shetty, Founder-Director of Yoga Bharata.  He not only taught daily yoga classes in his studio,  his expertise was outsourced by renowned MNC’s in Bangalore like ANZ Information Technology, Oracle etc. to conduct regular classes to their employees in their own premises.  The primary objective of Yoga Bharata is to impart a comprehensive balancing technique of body, mind and breath to everyone willing to take the benefit of Yoga.  In order to expand his mission systematically, he relocated in 2005 to Mysore, a serene, heritage town in South India.  He rechristened his school as ‘Yoga Indea’ and bifurcated into Teachers training Shaala and Regular Yoga lessons under the banners ‘Indea Yoga’ and ‘Yoga Bharata’ respectively.  Now, Indea Yoga and Yoga Bharata are registered Yoga Shaalas which are ranked high with its excellent infrastructure and committed staff, among the top yoga Shaalas in Mysore.

All our teachers are Yoga Alliance accredited and trained by distinctive system developed by Yogacharya Bharath Shetty at IndeaYoga Mysore, and are specialized with Beginners, Preparatory, Foundation, Primary series. Our teachers have assisted under the guidance of Yogacharya Bharat Shetty learning from the Guru himself, developing practical teaching skills while adding their own flavors to it. We strictly adhere to our motto “Na hathat, na balath” meaning no force, no pressure.

Yoga for All.

Led classes

LED is a guided session where the Teacher designs a sequence of asanas based on a concept for that day and leads the class into the practice of these asanas along with breath co-ordination.

The concept can range from asanas around hip-opening, legs, back bends, balancing and inversions, Surya Namaskara marathon, Vinyasa based sequences to deep relaxation session.

It helps overcoming mild health issues.

LED classes are usually more intense and challenging as these are in a continuous flow. LED gives freedom to explore ones asana practice as the sequences can be a mix of all of IndeaYoga series starting from beginner series to Intermediate series that are well connected and only get better with regular practice.

Mysore style classes

Yoga Therapy:

Therapeutic yoga consists of personalised programs for individuals suffering from different health conditions to overcome these conditions through practices of kriyas, asanas, pranayama, bandas, mudras, meditation that are tailor made according to their condition.

Our practice is a holistic approach that mainly focuses on particular problem of an individual and works on balancing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects building overall growth.

Yoga therapy has much to offer to harmonise our overall well-being. Yoga therapy offers relief from back pain, neck pain, arthritis, sinusitis, migraine, depression, menstruation problems, asthama, obesity, sciatica, varicose veins, reproductive problems, high blood pressure, digestive disorders, thyroid problems, various allergies and other auto-immune diseases to name a few.

When a  person decides to initiate a Yoga therapy, the Teacher will first conduct an initial assessment to understand the health challenges, assess lifestyle and physical capability and create a program according to the student’s needs.

Beginners Course:

Beginner’s series helps in co-coordinating body movement with breath bringing calmness to the mind.

Knowing beginners series is helpful to any person with injuries or illness and is also a rejuvenating practice for people when they are tired.

It helps in releasing rigidity from all the joints and muscle stiffness, brings mobility and improves overall flexibility of the body. It helps in building overall body strength thus preparing the student for preparatory and foundation series.

Preparatory  Program:

Preparatory series builds a strong grounding for students to do asanas that are part of the Foundation and Primary series.

This series can be combined with Beginner series and be performed by any level of practitioner including the very beginner to the advanced student.

Example: As part of the series, students do matsya krida 15 to 20 times daily which in turn prepares them for Sirsasana.

The preparatory series improves overall health immunity and overcome basic illness. It energises one when feeling low in strength and improves flexibility, develops all-round freedom of movement and relaxes the breath. This series work on all the 5 directions of the physical body i.e. forward bending, back bending, twisting, balancing and inversion.

Once the students are comfortable with preparatory series they can move to Foundation & Primary series.

Foundation Program:

It is a Hatha based sequence which focuses on asanas to build strength, stability & awareness through breath. It starts with Surya Namaskara & is followed by a well-rounded sequence of asanas that work on all the 5 directions of the physical body.

Practice of these asanas along with proper breathing pattern keeps one healthy and strong  both physically and mentally. It will connect you to yourself. It energises each and every part of the body, improves oxygen and blood circulation and unites the body, mind and breath.

The foundation sequence is a static, strengthening and stable practice; it improves strength, balance and overall flexibility. It improves in extending the breath and releasing stress as the awareness is on breath along with the asana practice. It is a holistic way to inner body and mind cleansing. This will be applied in Mysore style as well as LED(Flow) classes

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga:

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga is a modern day yoga popularized by T. Krishnamacharya. Krishnaraja Wadiyar IV of Mysore Kingdom invited Krishnamacharya to teach Yoga to the Mysore Royal Family. From there, Vinyasa is popularised further by his disciples.

In Vinyasa yoga, asanas are the most important aspect and connecting with it is the movement of body strung with breath followed by Drishti. There is a constant focus on breath. It is almost like a movement meditation. In this dynamic practice,  heat is generated in the body,  toxins are released and a subtle balance is created between strength and flexibility.

There are 3 sequences originally created by T. Krishnamacharya namely Pratamika (Primary), Madhyamika (Intermediate) and Prouda (Advanced).

The Primary series is pre-dominated by lifeless form of asanas like Trikonasana and Navasana.  The sequence is initiated by few rounds of Suryanamaskara A and B.  This is a warm up exercise done to improve cardiovascular fitness.  During practice the focus is on learning asanas,  deep effortless breathing and internal holding (bandhas).  Correct technique and body alignment is emphasised and the practitioner is encouraged to learn,  develop and practice for long time.

Intermediate Program:

Once a person is comfortable with all the above mentioned series, they are ready to go further for challenging program which is Intermediate series. An all-round program is designed to focus on balancing of Pranas and Mahabhutas. This program is helpful to purify the 72,000 nadis in turn balancing the pranas namely apana, samana,  prana, udana and vyana.

It helps in developing inner presence and connects body mind and breath more deeper.