Hatha yoga certification course

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Hatha yoga is a combination of two bija mantras. i.e, “Ha” and “Tha”. “Ha” means “Sun” which represents prana, the vital force, and “tha” means “Moon” represents the mental energy. The sun and the moon correspond to the Pingala and Ida nadis in the body. So Hatha Yoga means the union of physical and mental forces. The balance and harmonizing is brought about by the systematic approach of asanas, pranayama, meditation and relaxation.

Hatha yoga practice is the most prevalent forms of yoga practiced all over the world and also accepted as a therapeutic science for illness, disease and overall well-being.

Eligibility criteria for certification course: Should be practicing under Indea yoga certified teachers. Practical & Oral test is mandatory for the certification.

Benefits: Can become a certified practitioner of the specified Indea Yoga series. It will help to follow the ladder of learning yoga asanas systematically, at the same time enhance one’s experience and deepen your practice. Anybody applying for the certification can give test for more than one series. This opportunity is a great motivational factor for the practitioner. There is no time limit to apply, can work at own pace. Regular practice is recommended.